• Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Latest ATSC 3.0 ‘Plugfest’ Targets Transport, DRM, and More

COCKEYSVILLE, MD.—The Sinclair Broadcast Group, along with the Pearl TV consortium, hosted yet another ATSC 3.0 device interoperability test at the ONE Media lab at SBG headquarters in the Baltimore suburb of Cockeysville, Md., June 3-7. 

The latest in a series of ongoing trials, this interop event was focused on such NextGen TV elements as digital rights management and signing in connection with MMT (MPEG Media Transport) and ROUTE (Real-time Object delivery over Unidirectional Transport), the Advanced Emergency Information broadcaster application, as well as basic interoperability testing of new models from TV set manufacturers.

According to Mark Aitken, SBG’s SVP of advanced technology, this is the sixth time Sinclair has sponsored an interop, the first occurring in 2016. It is also the first fully in-person testing event post-pandemic.


Mark Aitken (Image credit: James O’Neal)

 The testing sessions involved most of the major hardware and software players in the field of NextGen TV—some two dozen—including encoder technology providers, emergency alerting gear, test equipment and receiver manufacturers. In addition to providing the facility, SBG also distributed ATSC 3.0 off-air signals from Baltimore broadcasters to provide a real-world environment. 


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