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LG Energy Solution heads R&D for next-gen batteries

LG Energy Solution’s Ochang Energy Plant [LG ENERGY SOLUTION]

LG Energy Solution’s Ochang Energy Plant [LG ENERGY SOLUTION]

LG Energy Solution recently established a Future Technology Center dedicated to the research and development of next-generation batteries.
The center concentrates on the development of semisolid and all-solidstate batteries for automobiles, lightweight lithium-sulfur batteries for aircraft, lithium-metal batteries and other technologies, aiming to advance technological development and mass production capabilities for various next-generation batteries.
Chung Geun-chang, an expert in the battery industry with around 30 years of experience, serves as the executive vice president and head of the center. He was involved in all stages of research and development, mass production and product development.
The company’s decision to appoint him as the leader of the Future Technology Center was based on the recognition that the commercialization process, which brings differentiated and tangible value to customers, is as crucial as developing advanced technology.
Since next-generation batteries are equipped with newly applied technologies, producing high-quality products that meet various customer demands in regards to price, stability and energy density can be even more challenging and demanding.
With decades of expertise, LG Energy Solution leverages its immense technological leadership in the field of next-generation batteries.
The company recently achieved success in developing lithium-metal batteries suitable for aircraft, advancing dry electrode development and mass producing products using innovative Stacking technologies.
In November of last year, LG Energy Solution collaborated with KAIST to develop a new electrolyte that can suppress lithium anode corrosion. This achievement was published in Nature Energy.
In September 2021, LG Energy Solution collaborated with UC San Diego and revealed high energy density and charging capabilities of a solid-state battery with Si anodes. This accomplishment was published in Science Magazine.
Based on these technological advancements, LG Energy Solution plans to focus on the development of next-generation batteries, including the mass production of lithium-sulfur batteries by 2027. Additionally, it will accelerate the development of dry electrode technology, which offers advantages in energy density and cost. Starting this year, the company will begin full-scale production of products based on the new Stacking technology as well.
LG Energy Solution CEO Kim Dong-myung said, “This year will mark the starting point of the LG Energy Solution 2.0 era,” adding that the company “will establish a solid business structure and sustainable growth foundation through an intense focus on quality.”

BY JEONG SEONWU [jeong.seonwu@joongang.co.kr]


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