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Marex Services eliminates truck hauling ‘pain points’ with tech-enabled transportation management

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Many industrial suppliers remain mired in an antiquated, “hit or miss” approach to procuring, managing and delivering material by truck that depends largely upon Excel spreadsheets and phone calls.

Meeting you where you are, Marex Services is adept at eliminating guesswork from the
logistical process through a data-driven approach to transportation management that’s grounded in real-time data. Along the way, they eliminate their customer’s logistical “pain points” by providing end-to-end load visibility, load optimization, financial reporting in real-time and invoice automation.

“We specialize in the final mile of open deck trucking,” says founder and CEO Dom Peré. “Think flatbeds, hot shots and specialized trailers moving construction materials and industrial products from a production yard to a jobsite. This is the area where there is often significant chaos and time wasted trying to get three quotes from a small group of trucking companies, manage delays and provide real-time visibility that addresses the dreaded question, ‘Where is the truck?’

“A few benefits of our model include hauler procurement that is based on haulers in closest proximity to a particular pickup location, real-time load tracking and same-day payment to drivers as soon as the truck has delivered.

“We partner with our customers to reduce both direct and indirect costs, better manage hauler liability and delivery optimization and visibility by centralizing all trucking into one system managed by a dedicated team of specialists. We meet our customers where they are, guiding them through a phased approach to data-driven logistics. It’s a crawl, walk, run approach.”

Technology is integral to the process. They utilize modern, collaborative technology that moves their customers from spreadsheets and email to a single pane of glass dashboard which allows for proactive rather than reactive decision making. “We are seeing the cost to make the shift to a more modern program far outweighs the cost to remain stuck in spreadsheets, paper truck tickets and invoicing and calling the local trucking company.”

The results are undeniable – a 10-20 percent average savings in direct costs (COGS) within the first year and enhanced service quality through faster response times and real-time tracking. Loads are also optimized through a centralized model that moves all loads through one system and allows for the optimization of deck space, back-hauls and multiple stops, ultimately driving down the cost of freight.

Customers also benefit from a single source of truth on driver wait times through location geo-fencing, allowing for the proactive management of demurrage and other miscellaneous costs that impact job profitability. There are also reduced labor and indirect costs, improved cash flow, reduced workload for accounting and finance, and freight data aggregation and consolidation – with all your data in one place and visible as it happens.

At the end of the day, Marex is more a partner than a service provider to its clients. “We operate as an extension of your business,” Peré says. “By synchronizing your transportation network, we can reduce the total cost of your freight, optimize your supply chain and bring significant costs savings to your project.” Marex has based its technology enabled control tower operation in Baton Rouge, and has team members in Louisiana, Texas and Tennessee that manage freight across the Lower 48 as well as cross-border into Canada and Mexico.


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